Wedding anniversary wishes – How To Make Romantic & Enjoyable the day?

A wedding anniversary is a special day for couples. This day is considered romantic for husband and wife as well. On this day, people use to wishes their loving person to make the day more enjoyable. Couples feel excited on this special day. They also wish each other by sending romantic sentences. It can be another opportunity to tell your loving person how important he is in your entire life. So everyone enjoys the wedding anniversary to take advantage of making a relationship stronger than ever. If you want to wishes your friend or spouse, wishing by sending funny words is the best way to express feelings.

What is the wedding anniversary, and what do we mean by it?

The wedding anniversary is the date of your marriage ceremony. When the wedding took place, the anniversary is the exact date of the next year. To make the life of the couple more cheerful, a wedding anniversary is celebrated every year. All of the couples are very excited on that day, no matter how old they are. Everyone thinks that he/she is going to be opened the new chapter of life. And, they get committed to each other to be happy for the rest of their life.

Wedding anniversary wishes
Wedding anniversary wishes

What are the names of wedding anniversaries?

Many think that husband and wife forget each other after a couple of years. No! They are in misconception. Reverse, if the couples are getting older, the anniversary will be more interesting. They are going to be more serious about the future. That’s why traditional names are given for the anniversary. Here are the most common anniversary names by years.

  • Wooden anniversary (5th)
  • Tin anniversary (10th)
  • Crystal anniversary (15th)
  • China anniversary (20th)
  • Silver anniversary (25th)
  • Pearl anniversary (30th)
  • Jade anniversary (35th)
  • Ruby anniversary (40th)
  • Sapphire anniversary (45th)
  • Gold anniversary (50th)

I would like to share a trick with you that will make wishing unique than others. When you want to wish someone, calculate their marriage life. If it’s matching with the including years, mention the anniversary name to make the wish more standard.

How to celebrate the wedding anniversary day?

There are many ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary day. All of the methods are not applicable to all. If I mention an extensive list, it would be hard to find out the perfect one. It will make you confused. That’s why I have included very few celebration methods that are acceptable and loved by all of the couples, no matter how old they are.

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Birthday Wishes for Sister

Sending wedding anniversary wishes

Sending a message for wishing someone is the best way to express feelings with him. If you are away from your friends and it’s not possible to meet together. In this situation, there is no alternative to wishing. For that, you have to collect mind-blowing sentences that will touch the heart. From the section below, copy the wedding anniversary wishes according to your position.

  • Wedding anniversary wishes for friends
  • Wedding anniversary wishes for husband
  • Wedding anniversary wishes wife

Write romantic letters

Sometimes we think that it’s an old school practice. But believe me, this style will always be remembered and never be forgotten. That’s why writing short and romantic letters can be another interesting way. Also, you can impress your husband/wife by hiding it in his/her favorite spots where he or she often sees, including in shirt or pants pocket, and under the pillow.

Sending anniversary gift

When you’re living together with a loving person. You can make the anniversary memorable by offering a gift that he loves. Gift items may change according to age. There is a big difference with the gift when you are young and when you will be older. So I would like to share with you when you should gif which one to make the partner happy. Here is the traditional gift list:

  • Paper for 1st year
  • Cotton for 2nd year
  • Leather for 3rd year
  • Fruit or Flowers for 4th year
  • Wood for 5th year
  • Candy or Iron for 6th year
  • Copper or Wool for 7th year
  • Bronze for 8th year
  • Pottery for 9th year
  • Tin or Aluminium for 10th year

How can I make my wedding anniversary day romantic than ever?

Everyone wants to make this day better than others by performing romantic activities. There are many things to do; in the section below, I have included several methods that you can apply.

Relive Your First Date

Thinking old memories is the best way to be romantic. When you are thinking of previous memories, the first date comes first of all because it’s most special in your entire lifetime. To make the day romantic, make a conversation with your spouse by mentioning old activities that you have done with him. Believe me; the moment will be memorable.

Watch Your Wedding Video

It’s another unforgettable moment to think about. If you want to watch your wedding videos, the wedding anniversary is a perfect time. It’s an excellent opportunity to remember that special day with your spouse. Seat together and play wedding video. If you have not wedding videos, maybe you didn’t record it, or unfortunately, it was deleted. No problem! See your wedding pictures or old photos album that you have taken with your spouse.

Do Something New

To make the anniversary day more romantic, find out a unique way to enjoy together. It would be best if you talked about his favorite topic. It’s not possible to give you new ideas. I have many ideas, but it’s not sure that it is perfect for you. So you have to find out about it. You know your spouse’s behaviour better than others.

Do Promise To Be Together

Love is not temporary; it must be for the whole life. Yes! Sometimes you may face trouble; you have to overcome with confidence. Never forget each other while passing bad times. Be stronger like a root and promise together to be a real partner no matter what the situation is. I think your wedding anniversary day is one of the days when you forget all the pride behind and make a dream for the future.

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