31 Birthday wishes – Gift ideas, SMS, Surprice someone special

Birthday is a special day for everyone. To make this enjoyable day more special, people like to send birthday wishes to the dear and near one. There are many fun ways to wish a friend on your birthday. If you wish your special person with some special or funny words, he will remember you until the next birthday. Besides, the gifts for children like their favourite toy or things are also an excellent choice for wishes. It is not always possible to present at a birthday party every year for various reasons. In this case, you can wish his/her birthday by sending a gift with wish quotes.

What do you mean by birthday?

A birthday is the celebration day of his/her birth. People celebrate birthdays in various ways such as with gifts, arranging a party or enjoy the whole day especially. However, the people of many religions also celebrate the birthday of the founders and the religious figures such as Christmas, Buddha and Krishna’s birthday. By a birthday celebration, we can mark how old this person is. In the USA, people mark the 16th birthday of a girl as “sweet sixteen”. Generally, people of all over the world of different cultures celebrate a birthday in their ways. But it is a common matter that a birthday is always a special day for the people of different cultures.

Why we celebrate our birthday?

Birthday is not only a special day but also brings the opportunity to make a gathering of friends and family. There are many reasons to celebrate a birthday. It is not a modern fashion. From ancient time, people try to make a birthday special. Now see the reasons why a birthday is a day of celebration.

Birthday is very special

With your birth, your life began. So, every year when your birthday comes, it indicates that you have still many duties to do. Besides, your birthday indicates that you have another chance to fulfil your dream. Your kith and kin get an opportunity to gather at a place and enjoy a party. Not only that, to wish your special day, but they also come with some wishes. The people around you try to make your day memorable. But a birthday is not only an occasion arranged to receive messages and gifts, but also special as the significant event of life.

Celebrating a birthday is the expression to thank God

Birthday is the celebrating time to birth. It is one kind of thanksgiving expression to God for sending as a human and still being healthy and alive. It is the day to rethink life and reflect the work on the past. This thinking allows you to make your future plan. So, you can celebrate your birthday to be thankful to God and ask His Mercy.

Bond with friends and kin on birthday

A birthday celebration is a great way to make a strong bond with friends, family and relatives. People always try to arrange a party with some special efforts to celebrate this day. The wishes come from your parents and friends will touch your heart and inspire you. You can imagine how much they love you. On the birthday of a kid, parents try to make the day very special for their kid. Besides, on the birthday of father or mother, kids try to wish nicely and make the parents happy.

31 birthday wishes

We can enjoy a birthday in various ways. Some people arrange a big party as the celebration of this day. Some like to make the day memorable simply with friends and family. However, we always try to remember a person on his birthday how much we love him. I bring here some birthday messages that can help you to wish birthday.

Birthday messages for friends:

Birthday message for husband:

Birthday wishes for a wife:

Birthday wishes for a special one:

What to do on a birthday?

We always don’t want a party on every birthday. Some different but refreshing ideas can make your day very special and unforgettable. Arranging a party is stressful and need to think a lot. As you are not a kid, you can do something different and funny with your family or friends on your birthday. However, I have some ideas that will help you make a birthday plan on what to do on your birthday.

Make a budget to gift yourself

Make a budget for yourself as a treat. By this budget, you can do anything that you like, such as add some items to online shopping, take preparation for a weekend trip, etc.

Go to a far place you never visit before

Arrange a trip is a great idea to enjoy a birthday. You can plan it with your family members or some best friends. To come out of our stresses, there is no better idea than travelling. So, go out for a tour and explore the new place with your friends and family. However, the place can be a beach or others. You can arrange a bonfire and BBQ party there. You never forget the birthday in your life.

Arrange a party in a park

On your birthday, you can arrange a party in a park. It can relax you and your wishers because the environment is natural. The members can gossip setting under the trees, enjoy the dinner. So, it takes you to a touch of nature.

What not to do on a birthday

There are some matters you must avoid to do on your birthday. You may desire to have a gift on your birthday. But you should not tell it to anyone.

If you attend the birthday of another person, you should not remind him that he is getting older.

When it is a birthday occasion of you, you do not request someone closer to you for dinner. However, it is not a better idea to arrange a birthday party after work. If you do that, you might get stressed and cannot take the rest properly.

You should be pleased with all the gifts on your birthday. Try to show that your heart is full of joy.

If anyone invites you to join his birthday party, you must try to go there with a gift. Sometimes you can fall in problems. In this situation, you can send a gift with a greeting card and say sorry.

Birthday wishes on the greeting cards with a gift is the best way to wish anyone on his/her birthday. Your closest one always desires an unforgettable wish from you. So, try to celebrate a birthday as a unique and memorable day.

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